Dispelling the Myth of Wrestling: The Real and The Fake

Most kids today have grown up with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) or various incarnations thereof. They see the steroid-powered hulks burst out of their shirts, musclemen smashing each other over the head with chairs and so-called wrestling “divas” prancing about in skimpy outfits to the praise and screams of hot-blooded males in the audience. A lot of kids these days don’t know where wrestling truly began or understand the difference between the noble test of endurance that is true wrestling and the spectacular theatrics seen on direct tv.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has challenged one another in recreational feats of strength. Wrestling was one of the earliest Olympic sports and had none of the theatrics or star power that you see today. It was simply two men entering into a physical struggle where the truly better man would rise up and physically conquer his enemy. It was a test of strength and character where true champions were measured not just by their massive muscle mass and good looks but their skill and execution.

These days most people couldn’t tell you the difference between wrestling the sport and wrestling the television drama. Children and the uninitiated are becoming more and more confused between the illusion and glamor of televised wrestling and the true test of strength and courage.