How to Assist Your Athlete in Getting D1 Scholarships

Getting a wrestling scholarship to a D1 schools is difficult. There aren’t as many opportunities in wrestling as there are in other sports. But there are opportunities out there so to help your athlete get that scholarship that he’s looking for, here are a few tips.

The three biggest things that are needed for an athletic scholarship are athletic talent, academic achievement, and exposure to college coaches.

A major advantage in getting a wrestling scholarship is that have a good record as a junior. Coaches want to see his record and how he performed in big tournaments. Also a lot of schools hold recruiting days or “Junior Days” so you want to have him attend as many of these as possible.

Make sure your athlete maintains the highest grade point average that he can. When it does come time to pick a school, you want to make sure he picks a school that fits his educational needs as much as his physical needs.

Lastly, advise your athlete to reach out to the schools himself. He should send out videos to the schools that he is interested in. He should also send out personal letters to the coaches of those schools. Your athlete only needs one school to like what they see so be persistent, and hopefully that scholarship will come.