How to Shoot a Quicker Double Leg

In basketball you shoot a hoop, in baseball you score a run, in football you run for a touchdown. Every sport has a unique way to score. In wrestling, points all come down to the art of the take down. A take down is not only a way to score a point but it allows for a wrestler to gain a dominant advantage over his or her opponent.

The double leg take down is one of the most basic techniques and it is essential for all beginning wrestlers to master. The first step to the double leg take down is the crouch. You want to drop down so your center of gravity is beneath your opponent. This allows easy access to your opponent’s legs, the area of attack.

Once in position, you want to push hard from your legs out of your crouched position while remaining low to the ground. While approaching the opponent’s legs you should wrap both of your arms around the outside of your partner’s legs. The wrap should occur slightly about the knees, which allows for you to have the most control. Once you’ve locked onto the legs of your opponent you want to make sure that you keep your head off to the side of his body. If you fail to do so it provides a greater opportunity for your opponent to defend against the take down.

While driving your head to the side you want to pull the legs of your opponent in towards you while spinning him on to his stomach. The pulling motion should be fast and hard in order to eliminate your opponent’s center of gravity. This in turn will bring your opponent to the ground. As your opponent falls to the ground you must make sure you stay tight to his back, following him to the ground. This guarantees that your opponent will not be able to quickly stand back up.

The double leg take down has a number of alternative methods, each unique to the wrestler. As you develop as a wrestler you will find the method that works best for you. It’s always important to remember that safety is of the upmost importance. The objective of wrestling is not to injure your opponent but to simply take them down. Aggressive and forceful alternatives are not encouraged.