Into the Double Leg: Closer Inspection Into the Takedown

People who have been watching combat sports these days must be familiar with the takedown. It is a move that any fighter knows how to do to bring the opponent to the floor. This move can be seen anywhere from wrestling, martial arts or any other form of fighting. The takedown is one of the most common moves that fighters do but only a few know how to really do it the right way.

The whole point of the takedown is to send an opponent down lying on the floor facing up and the person who does the move lands on top. That used to be the main idea of the takedown but a lot of variations have been made over time. The common leg sweep where a person uses his legs to trip a fighter is also considered a form of a takedown move.

The first takedown move that is commonly used by people is the leg trip where one fighter locks the other fighter’s leg and tries to push him off balance. The fighter will then fall to the ground if he loses his balance and the takedown is accomplished.

Another takedown move is the single leg takedown which is done by grabbing one leg of the fighter and pulling it to one direction and pushing the fighter’s upper body to a different direction. Other variations include pulling the fighter’s leg and pushing the body and trying to lift the fighter of the ground.

The double leg takedown which is also the most basic takedown move is done by having one fighter’s hands and arms wrapped around the other fighter’s leg. When in this position already, the fighter who has hold of the legs will then push the other fighter to the ground using his body while pulling the legs at the same time.