Physical Fitness: How Often Should Wrestlers be Lifting Weights

For high school wrestlers, preparing for their matches, or trying to get a college scholarship, making sure to lift weights, work out everyday, and take care of their body and diet, are essential to ensure they will get the optimal results they are looking for. If you are looking to bulk up, lifting on a daily basis is something that is required. But, for high school wrestlers, while the body is still developing, coaches may want to consider lifting only 3 to 5 days a week. This will help avoid the risks of growth stunts, and still allow the body to fully grow, to its max potential.This/tag helps explain it more.

But, for college and pros, once the body is fully formed and grown, lifting weight on a daily basis is something which must be done, in order to keep on top of the competition, and in order to keep the body strong enough to properly compete in their weight class. Making sure to add a proper weight lifting regime into your wrestling work outs, is going to ensure that wrestlers are strong enough, quick enough, and agile enough to properly fight and move around the ring, when they are in the middle of a match.