Weight Control and the Growing Teen

Controlling one’s weight can be a difficult task, especially for a growing teenager. The important thing to remember is that sometimes weight and genetics go hand-in-hand. That plainly means that some weight issues are inherited, but it does not mean that weight cannot be controlled. One of the biggest problems in America, and the world, is obesity. Weight control, therefore, has a big impact on an individual and a society. Weight control can be managed with a proper diet and an exercise regimen that is designed to maintain or lose weight, if necessary. Wrestling is one sport that has taken a lot of criticism for making the athletes maintain a proper weight in order to participate in matches. This means that some wrestlers will have to gain weight and others are going to have to lose weight. If done properly by the professionals in charge, weight control can be managed without any problems. The wrestlers must be constantly monitored by everyone that is involved in the program. Fatigue will become an issue when the athlete is not getting the calories that he/she is normally getting. Weight control is possible for the growing teen if a good plan is in place.