Weightlifting for the High School Wrestler

High school wrestlers must lift weights in order to build muscular strength and endurance. When they are rolling around on the mat, they spend a lot of energy trying to gain the advantage over their opponent. Strength doesn’t give one wrestler an advantage over the other without good technique, but it is certainly a vital aspect of training. The more energy your muscles can use without getting exhausted, the more likely a wrestler is to be able to go the distance of the match without getting too tired. Weight lifting can also help wrestlers develop better training habits as they add another important factor into their routines.

The most important muscles for wrestling are the core abdominal muscles, the leg muscles, and the upper body muscles. Squats are some of the best lifting exercises for wrestlers. Make sure you have someone to help you while you do squats. These are dangerous maneuvers sometimes so it’s a good idea to have someone to help you in case of an accident. Rows and pull ups are good for upper body strength and endurance. You can work your abs by doing inclined sit-ups while holding weights. Weightlifting truly benefits wrestlers in their quest to become the best.